The Middle Ground

The Middle Ground The middle years, caught between children and parents, free of neither the past stretches back too densely, it is too thickly populated, the future has not thinned yet That is the emotional territory where sit, jelled, the four main characters of Drabble s new, loose, London based, sympathetic, and loopingly optimistic novel One s a social worker one a journalist who lost an arm years ago in Kurdistan one s a doctor and chiefly although the main character here often seems to be the ludicrously resilient nature of forty ish friendship itself there is Kate Armstrong A magazine columnist who was early on the bead of women s subjects menstruation, battered wives, low career expectations , Kate now in her forties is unsure of what lies ahead She s already divorced Her children are about ready to leave She s deeply, inextricably tangled in the lives of her friends the doctor, Kate s ex lover, is married to social worker Evelyn all three are friends of one armed journalist Hugo And Kate knows that what s still to come may be grim death of children, freak violence, aging, unlovableness, financial insecurity But finally she chooses to turn herself toward it with a sort of scruffy, disorganized hopefulness Told almost completely in a series of ruminations Kate s and her friends , the book has a vulnerable, occasionally fey, but almost consistently charming lurch to it a weather of Look We ve come through, a gathered and informal warmth Indeed, with each succeeding novel, Drabble appears to edge ever closer to being E M Forster s heir rich works, turned and molded by helpless circumstance, about the apprehensions and redemptions of staying responsible And though nigh plotless, almost sieve like in fact, this new book presses that impression deepest Kirkus Reviews Free Read [ The Middle Ground ] Author [ Margaret Drabble ] –

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10 thoughts on “The Middle Ground

  1. Elinor says:

    Maybe it was just because I haven t got to the stage in life that this book is all about, but I didn t enjoy this as much as some of Drabble s other novels I m assuming this is because I just didn t have enough in common with the main character but I kept on reading in the hopes that it would get g...

  2. Laurie says:

    The Middle Ground is basically a novel without a plot, a book driven by the characters A middle aged group of British spouses, lovers and friends seeks to find their ways through mid life crises time Kate, a journalist, sees her job changing and maybe going away she has been a writer of pieces about women, their problems ...

  3. Jean says:

    I am finding the book quite absorbing, although, since it was written in 1980, the feminist and political views expressed by the characters seem rather dated, in the light of hindsight I expect they were considered quite unusual at the time Later I am afraid that as the book progressed I began to lose interest in the main character s increasingly peculiar life, friends and acquaintances I finished the book with difficulty and was very disappointed in it as Margaret Drabble has written some e I am finding the book quite absorbi...

  4. Corey says:

    Earnest and intelligent, but also a bit stuffy and claustrophobic.

  5. Lila says:

    The characters and plot are really quite secondary to this novel Read it for its language It is engrossing, well written, and witty.

  6. Behrooz says:

    Was easy to read and ok Not a page turner.

  7. Penny says:


  8. Alan says:

    Interesting characters Not much of a plot line, just a period of time in the life of the people around Kate, a middle aged author of liberated women s articles Written in 1982, it captures a time in English life that is interesting, even when not much happens.

  9. Paddy says:

    Like Radiant Way, I ve downgraded this novel to three stars Same complaint about tangents By the end I was happy again, but the middle ground of Middle Ground was too full of people whose lives don t matter to the plot but do serve to paint a broad portrait of a period.

  10. Kathleen says:

    Margaret Drabble is one of my favs I really enjoyed this when I first read it because I loved the way she captured the time in which it is set On this read I loved the way she captured the feelings of midlife.

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